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As a Sales Professional, you want to motivate your sales team with optimized and effective sales compensation software, management and solutions.

Iconixx makes it easy! When you rely on cumbersome spreadsheets to manage your compensation management plans, you lack visibility into how individual sales goals relate to the company’s overall strategy. Without “What If” analysis and forecasting, it’s hard to understand how compensation solutions will affect sales performance. And without that insight, the motivation of the sales team is undermined and sales compensation management plans are at risk of failing. Similarly, sales managers also struggle to:

  • Get visibility into the calculation of commission and complex bonus incentives
  • Model potential new sales compensation plans
  • Improve sales performance through insights from analytics

Iconixx Sales Compensation Management Software enhances your sales impact with flexibility and scalability in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that offers:

  • Sales chart
    Enhanced motivation of
    the sales force
  • check mark
    Increased management
  • target with arrow
    Alignment of sales compensation goals
    with business strategy


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Are you relying on spreadsheets and manual processes to manage compensation management plans?

You shouldn’t! While spreadsheets are useful for many functions, they do not provide the enterprise-wide flexibility and accuracy that modern financial organizations require to conduct analysis and forecast payouts. Not to mention that they are error prone, inflexible, costly to maintain and upgrade, and difficult to access.

Finance professionals struggle to:

  • Guarantee accurate calculations and payouts
  • Create timely, meaningful financial reports
  • Maintain audit trails for compliance requirements

With Iconixx Sales Compensation Management Software, you can leverage:

  • Greater analytics

  • Increased accuracy and
    forecast performance

  • Enhanced

  • Reduced cost of


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Are you struggling to manage multiple, complicated processes for salary payouts, promotion and merit increases?

End your struggles now with Iconixx! For HR professionals, spreadsheets make it extremely difficult to align individual performance with company goals. Not to mention that spreadsheets are error-prone, inaccurate, inflexible and complex. And calculating large amounts of data is a complicated way to measure performance. Iconixx’s all-in-one sales compensation management solution makes it easy to design, create and manage custom compensation plans that fit your business needs.

Human Resource professionals struggle to:

  • Create data on employee performance
  • Provide employees with metrics for goal-setting
  • Offer forecasts for management planning

Iconixx Sales Compensation Management Software allows you to:

  • Provide documentation to explain
    and analyze intent and goals

  • Sharpen visibility into
    employee performance

  • Empower management with
    forecasting capability