2 sales management tips to keep in mind during spring

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Believe it or not, spring is here. While some places with snow on the ground and a cold bite in the air may beg to differ, winter is in the rearview mirror and the season of rebirth is here. So what does it mean for sales management? Well, a couple different things. The first quarter of the calendar year has passed, and now's as good a time as ever for management to push some spring-themed initiatives to boost team productivity and efficiency, which can also be accomplished by implementing sales compensation software. Time for some spring cleaning Spring cleaning is a seasonal tradition that not only applies to tidying up around the house, but also cleaning out the list of sales prospects. The key to efficiency it getting rid of dead weight, and that includes leads who populate databases but have never signaled they are willing to purchase a firm's products or services. Sales management can start by nixing leads who don't respond to follow-up calls or emails and those who have indicated they don't plan on buying. Getting rid of dead-end leads not only streamlines operations, but also frees up sales pros to pursue different leads that may spark a conversion. Start anew An overarching theme of spring is the rebirth of nature, and businesses can apply that to their own sales performance management strategies by starting fresh programs to reward sales team members who reach quota goals early or push a season item effectively. Whatever the case, the season calls for new beginnings, and motivating the sales team by making a new bonus available will kick their spring campaigns into high gear. To accomplish this, management should look into bonus compensation software to help them set up programs in an easy-to-use dashboard environment.

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