4 steps to get closer to closing the sale

Presenting customers with a sample contract could help close the deal

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Closing is one of the hardest steps in sales. Despite what some may believe, closing a deal is harder than simply having a talk and ending with a handshake. It often takes several conversations and going back and forth between the lead and salesperson before leads turn into customers. To improve their sales process, employers could share these four tips for closing deals and enhancing customer-salespeople relationships:

1. Answer customer questions 
As leads talk with salespeople, they often have questions about what the company sells. Salespeople who offer customers their full attention and are willing to answer customer questions about the contract, the services or products available and their features are more likely to close deals. 

2. Present them with a sample contract
When approaching new customers, it helps to be transparent about details about the sale and the products and services they are considering purchasing. Giving them documents that could clear up any questions they may have or give them an idea of what to expect in a business relationship with the company could give leads a sense of reassurance. One way to give customers an idea of what the final stage of the sales funnel - closing - will involve is to provide them with a sample contract along with other documents and information about the sale, according to Inc. Magazine.

3. Ask if customers need guidance
Although the ultimate goal of salespeople is to make the sale, many representatives are also known for quality customer service. Asking customers if they need any guidance or direction with their purchase, such as the best equipment, software or solution for their particular industry, work environment or market, could help build relationships with customers. A strong relationship could be a significant factor in whether salespeople close on the sale, which is why top salespeople ask whether customers need their help, according to Hubspot. 

4. Establish the next point of contact
Even as salespeople are getting close to converting leads into consumers, it's still important that reps maintain contact with potential customers and follow up with them. After a call or email, have sales reps talk to leads about the next time they'll reach out and contact them. Having the next point of contact already scheduled could allow reps to give more information or clarify any questions leads may have, according to Inc.

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