Boost employee engagement with incentive compensation plans

By Sathee Brent,

When employees are not engaged or interested in their work, it is reflected in their sales numbers and other performance indicators. One of the main reasons why employees feel disconnected from their job could be lack of recognition for their work, which could be solved with incentive compensation plans. To help improve employee engagement, business leaders can implement new policies to enhance worker satisfaction.

Communicate goals and benchmarks
Communication is important in every aspect of business. By clearly conveying the company's goals and benchmarks for performance, employees are able to visualize the quality of work they are capable of. By setting key indicators and metrics using incentive compensation software, employers are automatically alerted to employee achievements. This automated software solution allows managers to encourage employees as soon as they hit a performance benchmark.

Improve worker flexibility
By allowing employees to work flexible hours or work from home where they feel comfortable, managers can help improve engagement. Through policies that integrate telecommuting policies, employers let their workers know they value their time and trust them to continue doing their job away from the office. As they situate themselves where they can be at their most productive, employees are able to complete their work more quickly while increasing their satisfaction as workers.

Encourage breaks
Not only can staring at computer screens and other electronic devices without breaks strain eyesight, this can also harm employee productivity. Encourage workers to take breaks away from their workspace and have managers establish a place where employees can relax. By spending time from their desks or projects, they can collect themselves and continue with their work in a much composed manner.

When companies want to galvanize their workforce, they can turn to incentive and compensation management software. This software can help maintain a motivated staff by automatically measuring performance data and alerting managers to their top employees.

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