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By Derrik Deyhimi,

When most companies think of sales teams, they may think of Glengarry Glenn Ross, but they probably don't think of employee engagement. Yet engagement is one of the biggest outcomes of focused and motivated sales groups, both at individual and team level. A dynamic salesperson or team requires a strict amount of precision in researching leads, preparing a pitch, investing in product knowledge and solidifying the sale. All of these components of the sales process lend way to employee engagement. 

Yet there are other ways to bolster engagement for salespeople as well. For example, many salespeople are motivated by the opportunity to achieve uncapped earnings - or at the very least - high commission. When companies offer these possibilities into the right hands, the profitability can be generous for both parties. This idea of incentive compensation management (ICM) positions employers into supportive roles that help foster an engaged, motivated, productive and loyal workforce by allowing them the freedom to make high earnings through their investment in their job. 

When companies use ICM strategies, they reward workers' successes with higher pay or other compensatory packages such as discounts, office perks and more. This signals to employee the more engaged and focused they are, the better chances they have for gain.

How employees become engaged through sales
Not only do good engagement strategies beget better work performance and higher earning potential, but they also a talent management and retention solution. Companies that take the time to craft plans that allow workers to exercise autonomy while making personal and professional gains tend to stay with their employer longer, saving the company time and money on turnover and training expenses. 

Here are a few basic ways in which salespeople become invested and engaged in their job:

  • Listen to the needs of others: Sitting and speaking with a prospective client or customer tends to lean more heavily on listening than anything else, according to HR C-Suite, so the level that salespeople get to know their client base personally is relatively high compared to other industries. In doing so, they become invested and engaged by speaking with their clients on a more intimate, yet professional, level.
  • Make achievable goals: When employees have more control over what they want from their career and feel their employer supports, they naturally become more interestedand focused on their work to make sure those dreams come true, Entrepreneur suggested. 
  • Interpersonal connections: Although sales, of course, relies upon the exchange of capital for goods or services, the narrative behind the sale can read more like a human interest story at its heart. Generally, people are more inclined to buy a product they can identify with on a personal level rather than a savvy sales pitch, HR C-Suite wrote. 

As companies look for ways to boost employee engagement through sales, ICM strategies and promoting autonomy and independence will help keep workers on the right track. 

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