How sales performance bonus programs help monitor the sales team

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The major draw to implementing a sales compensation program is motivating and rewarding sales team members. It's the first thing that comes to mind when such initiatives are introduced, but it's not the only benefit such programs can provide businesses. One of the subtler, but just as important, capabilities sales performance management can enjoy from pursuing a performance-based compensation platform is being able to monitor performance of the team in an easy-to-use environment that enables effortless tracking. Sales are all about the numbers, so it's important managers know who sells what and how much. But businesses don't need an entirely different process to track data when using sales compensation software that enables them to view all the numbers they need to inform them of how individuals are performing. For instance, management can set a quarterly quota that sales pros will be rewarded for reaching, and then periodically check in on how members are progressing during the campaign. This allows the firm to see who's leading the pack, and who might need some more motivation to reach objectives. "[Monitoring sales performance] is a vital component of maintaining a healthy sales team and continuing to motivate high achievers, while discouraging below average performance," read a blog post for Sales Growth Specialists, a management coach network. "If, for example, you have a salesperson who has not met their sales goals for the last couple months, take advantage of [the] information [gathered through sales compensation programs] to evaluate the sales rep's behavior and habits." Keeping a watchful eye on sales numbers through the use of software solutions not only helps businesses more fully understand their sales teams, but cuts down on needless processes to streamline management.

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