Use incentive compensation to increase productivity

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High employee productivity is essential to any fully functioning office. Ultimately, everything comes down to productivity - how many units of a product are manufactured or sold, how many phone calls are made, how many deals are closed. With low motivation and morale, workers are far less likely to do their best and achieve. Read on for tips on how to increase worker productivity. Cater to employees Incentive compensation programs are a great place to start when hoping to boost productivity. Forbes reports that individual economic needs should be put in line with company performance, which may take more effort on the management level, but ultimately pays off substantially. This means catering programs that benefit employees directly and in ways they appreciate the most. Team members at all levels of operation should have the opportunity to profit from company gains in some way. This is a more natural way to elevate company performance, increasing motivation and productivity. Value their work Showing real interest in a worker's future can increase productivity in a meaningful way. When people feel that they are valued by their employers, and feel supported in their position, they are likely to strive to live up to their manager's standards. Mentoring programs, weekly or monthly check-ins or extra training to put someone on the path to promotion all add up to a person who feels appreciated and taken care of. Focus on quality This means quality of life as well as quality of work. A CareerBuilder study found 59 percent of employees value a flexible work schedule over a new title. Another interesting statistic? Approximately 48 percent of respondents answered that they would like to make a difference in their jobs. People want to be better, more productive employees, and want to succeed at work. It's up to employers to help make sure that happens.

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