Why use big data to spur sales conversations

Knowing where to start the conversation with leads is a big challenge for sales reps

By Sathee Brent,

Although companies often think of big data as a fad, it's a mistake to not take advantage of the solutions that data collection and analysis offer businesses. Big data is the next wave of the future for sales, as the information companies gather about customers and their sales processes could close more deals and boost corporate revenue. 

According to TLNT, big data was one of the three major human resources technology trends in 2014, as companies are harnessing data to help improve operations. Although data analysis is still emerging as a leading solution for HR and sales departments to increase engagement among the workforce, there are key trends in big data that could also enhance business and customer relationships. 

With the benefits of big data, salespeople and companies could incorporate data analytics to create better and more effective conversations with customers. Having meaningful conversations with customers is one of the challenging parts of being a sales representatives. Not only are sales reps expected to learn more about customers, their problems and pain points, salespeople will have to sustain these relationships to ensure growth for companies.

As companies explore their options for big data solutions, such as sales performance management software, they could use these applications to generate more meaningful conversations.

Know how to start the conversation
When salespeople pick up the phones to call leads, workers may be unsure where to start. They could ask about the organization leads work for, which problems they face and the support they currently have to solve these issues. However, salespeople might not know which topics are the most important to discuss in a limited time span. Using sales performance management software, managers could look into the data and figure out which salespeople have had the most success in meeting their quotas to gain insight into which techniques and conversation starters have been the most effective at making sales.

Dig deeper into what customers say
Salespeople who work with leads often have to put their interviewing skills to the test to get to the source of customers' problems and how their employers' products and services can help. Sales reps should continue to extract information about their customers and ask follow-up questionsabout exactly what is giving them issues either with their current situation or with the sale to find out how to solve their problems, Entrepreneur magazine suggested. 

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