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A lot goes into being an effective leader. Succeeding as a sales manager requires a different set of skills than what it takes to be a successful sales rep. The success of a sales manager is based on motivating your team to perform and drive revenue. One effective way to encourage desired sales rep behavior is to implement sales commission software. Below are three ways to inspire your team using sales commission software solutions: 

Inspire through visibility 

As a manager, it is important to understand what inspires your team members so you can manage to what drives them to succeed. Sales commission software is one way to help motivate employees by using real-time commission attainment dashboards  and regularly giving them up-to-date and accurate commission statements. They stay engaged in the selling process because they have a full understanding of how they are being paid on each transaction.

Inspire by building trust 

It is important that there is a mutual trust between sales manager and sales rep. Managers can use sales commission software to engage this trust early. Providing sales reps with access to accurate commission statements gives them trust in their manager and the organization. Sales reps are most often driven to succeed through their commissions. When they trust they are being paid correctly every paycheck, they are motivated and encouraged to drive revenue. 

Inspire with employee recognition 

Praising your employee's success is a good way to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Giving recognition to your reps encourages positive sales behaviors. People love to be recognized for a job well done, and doing it in front of their peers can be an even greater motivator. Because sales management can view commission payouts on a rep level, they can use sales commission software and its dashboards to determine where public recognition is deserved based on tracked KPIs in the software.

Iconixx sales commission software allows managers to track employee progress. It also allows employees to track their own progress and identify areas of strength and weakness. The Iconixx solution allows employees and managers to work together to set clear goals and determine the best ways to reach them.

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