Scalable Compensation Management Software Solutions by Iconixx

Stop Compensation Guesswork With Compensation Management Software by Iconixx

Iconixx drives competitive advantage through strategic pay-for-performance programs for entire organizations. Companies of all sizes can maximize their investment in sales performance management, incentive compensation and salary planning by leveraging Iconixx’s on-demand scalable compensation management tools. 

Iconixx solutions save money, eliminate errors and streamline processes to drive business results. They enable Management, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Finance professionals to address the challenges of a pay-to-performance environment, drive competitive advantage and retain top talent.

Business Analysts can leverage compensation tools to build effective incentive compensation plans, resulting in customized pay-for-performance programs that are aligned with specific company goals.

Iconixx’s on-demand, subscription-based solutions are appropriate for companies of all sizes and industries - from global enterprises preparing to become Next Generation Enterprises, to small businesses starting to manage complex compensation scenarios.

A Robust Suite of Compensation Tools for Simplicity and Better Accuracy

The Iconixx Suite includes 3 modules, which deliver the highest quality technology and help align incentive plans with meaningful business growth.

Iconixx Sales

Enhance sales impact with increased accuracy and scalability:

  • Incent sales team to drive business goals
  • Model plans in advance for strategic decision making
  • Improve communication between field personnel and sales management with easy-to-use dashboards

Iconixx Incentive

Ensure employee visibility for better alignment of business goals and organizational incentives:

  • Eliminate manual incentive and bonus management
  • "What-If" budgeting and forecasting
  • Controller and role-specific security dashboards

Iconixx Merit

Streamline processes to manage salary payouts, promotions and merit increases:

  • Quickly view, edit, update, change, and approve bonus plans
  • Access data in real-time, including year-to-date salary, quotas and transactions
  • View side-by-side incentives by individual, plan or team factors

Iconixx Compensation Suite Features:

Pay-For-Performance Programs

Iconixx designs, develops and maintains a range of pay-for-performance programs from sales incentives to MBOs.

The solutions allow users to model potential compensation strategies in a test environment before activating them, as well as forecast the impact of different payout scenarios.

Iconixx solutions are flexible; as the marketplace evolves and customers and employees change, the company can make seamless adjustments to the system.

Each solution features an intuitive user interface backed by highly-scalable rules engines.

Data Privacy

The security of your customer and organizational data is paramount. Each Iconixx solution provides security and privacy features, including:

  • Authentication and authorization for each user based on their role and group
  • Every username and password is encrypted
  • Grants or revokes access to dashboards based on security privileges
  • All customer data is transmitted via secure 

Workflow Management

Iconixx solutions manage your company’s significant workflow from assignment through to review and approval. Workflow proceeds smoothly with:

  • E-mail alerts
  • Status notifications
  • Clear escalation paths
  • Business rules

Iconixx solutions are designed to ensure compliance with financial standards and regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. 


Iconixx dashboards put critical information in one, easy-to-access place, offering:

  • Reports
  • Real-time Data
  • Workflow Inbox
  • Year-to-date performance information


Many Iconixx clients are large organizations with tens of thousands of payees, and more than tens of millions of transactions. Consequently, the Iconixx software suite provides all-in-one solutions scalable to the size of any organization, including enterprise, mid-sized and small markets.