Crisp, Meaningful Visualizations for Your Sales, Compensation, and Finance Teams

Modern operational systems house massive amounts of data, and sales compensation systems are no exception. Decision makers need at-a-glance visibility of meaningful data and trends, enabling them to quickly interpret and act on data.

Dashboards by Role

Iconixx Sales™ equips the key players involved in sales compensation with dashboards tailored to their roles. Each role below has their own specific dashboard which presents particular metrics and trends that are most relevant to their individual role.

  • Sales Executives: Sales Executives are accountable to the C-Level for profitability and revenue growth. Access insights to make critical decisions quickly.
  • Sales Managers: Sales Managers see where sales are happening, monitor how the team is progressing towards goal, and spot anomalies.
  • Sales Representatives: Individual quota attainment and compensation are front and center.
  • Sales Compensation Operations: The Compensation Operations team needs to know if the plans are achieving the results for which they were designed.
  • Sales Compensation Administrators: Compensation Administrators need quick answers to support daily administration of commission payments and field questions from sales.
  • Finance Executives: Financial executives need to monitor cost trends for compensation overall and for individual plans and components, and they want to know if compensation investments are generating a healthy ROI.

If the user wants a specific chart not included in the standard dashboard for the role, Iconixx or the customer can set up a custom chart for their dashboard.

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With Iconixx Sales dashboards, a Sales VP can see which regions and product categories are yielding a healthy return for commission dollars spent. A sales manager has a view of current quota attainment levels for each rep and top clients for her region. And reps instantly see where they stand on quota and commissions.

Many charts allow drill-down for further analysis: a Sales VP can drill down into individual regions or districts and a sales manager can look at detail for an individual rep.

The dashboard for the compensation operations team highlights how well compensation plans are incenting the sales team to align their actions with objectives.

Charts include compensation versus attainment and compensation per plan component.

The Sales Comp Admin dashboard includes charts to help the comp admin know if data is still outstanding before processing.

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