Automated Merit and Salary Management That Makes It Easy to Get It Right

Iconixx Merit™ makes it easy for any business to design and manage merit and salary plans with flexibility, transparency, and accessibility. If your organization needs the capacity to view and approve hierarchies of subordinate-based pay information, the powerful, easy-to-use functionality of Iconixx Merit™ will eliminate errors and reduce planning time.

An All-in-one Automated Merit and Salary Solution

Iconixx compensation planning software makes it easy to design, create, and manage customized salary and merit compensation plans that fit your business needs.

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Automatically Schedule Reports

The Iconixx Merit™ reporting interface includes standard templates for pay statements, total compensation, budget allocation, pool distribution, and other routine and necessary forms.The Ad hoc report interface allows the user to create criteria and filters, organize columns, and save custom reports.

Integrate Internal Workflow

Iconixx Merit™ coordinates the input of field representatives, HR and compensation managers, management in other departments, or executives with customization, security, and ease of use.

Access Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Iconixx Merit™ compensation and salary planning software has “drill-in” capability, so you can examine your data in multiple ways, then export the results to XLS, XML, CSV, or PDF.

Track Changes for a Defensible Audit Trail

Focal date, anniversary date, and off-cycle adjustments are all dated and tracked in the system, creating an easy-to-follow audit trail.

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The Importance of Automating Merit Compensation

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