Evaluate individual performance fairly using business analytics

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Performance management is important to every business. Knowing who is excelling and who needs some extra help on a sales team can mean the difference between big profits or getting left behind. The evaluations are complex, however, as they are the process of evaluating employees in an environment that is subject to change and outside influence. Business analytics can be used in the employee evaluation process and can greatly improve the outcome. A broad perspective Using business analytics software to evaluate individual performance centralizes the operation and allows VPs of sales and team managers to see sales data in a new light. For example, rather than simply seeing that one person's overall sales are higher than another employee's, business analytics can present the full picture of  a company's operations. Perhaps an employee' sales are higher because they have taken on a new and exciting product that others have not - businesses analytics will show this to VPs of sales in easy-to-understand graphs and charts that help make sense of company behavior. In busy companies, it's easy to let a few things get lost in the shuffle, which can unfortunately lead to unfair employee assessment. Business analytics does away with this uncertainty and presents information clearly and without bias. The results can then be used to transfer accounts, give employees opportunities with different products and see where true performers lie. Potential money-makers may be buried under the weight of dead accounts - business analytics can track employee performance by product, industry or time frame, and will help VPs of sales and HR representatives make decisions on employee compensation or account assignment. The added benefit is that workers can then receive constructive feedback on how to improve their performance. It is vastly important that employees be treated fairly when evaluated, so companies can thrive under new and evolving strategies. Business analytics software makes this process fast and efficient, creating a healthy and productive environment where everyone can succeed.

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