Increasing sales productivity in 7 steps

By Carolyn Jenkins,

The key to successfully increasing sales is encouraging salespeople and boosting productivity. To do this, businesses must create an implement a quality strategy for leadership and professional development among employees. By following seven simple steps, a company can pump up sales productivity. 

1. Identify current strategy for sales
A business operation should first define what the current sales strategy consists of and determine what aspects of it work and what fails to improve sales productivity. If an organization lacks a strong strategy, building one is of upmost importance, according to Business2Community. By implementing a good strategy, a company and its employees can work efficiently and increase total sales. Without a strong plan that all salespeople are familiar with, a team may be unable to reach a quota in an organized and quick manner. 

"By defining who a business wants to market toward, it can develop an affective plan and ultimately lead to more sales. "

2. Create a strong and successful strategy 
To patch together the perfect sales strategy, an operation must first identify who it wants to reach. By knowing the target audience, a company can focus on satisfying a particular demographic. According to Small Business Trends, identifying who makes up a target market helps a company achieve its goals

By defining who a business wants to market toward, it can develop an affective plan and ultimately lead to more sales. For example, if a sales team has a product intended for millennials, Entrepreneur recommended establishing a strong and involved social media presence. A strong marketing strategy can help boost total sales. 

Further research should be conducted to ensure full comprehension of what a demographic wants and needs to implement a successful strategy. 

3. Develop sales processes 
A business should decide on its sales process and how salespeople are expected to fulfill certain measurable benchmarks. By giving individuals clear goals and allowing them to keep a record of how they are performing, employees can set specific objectives for themselves. 

An operation should provide employees with the resources to track their sales productivity, improvement and incentives, such as sales performance technology, to continue reaching a higher sales volume. 

In addition, Small Business Trends emphasized the importance of encouraging sales reps to evaluate themselves constantly. A business can bolster by asking an employee to define what worked and what did not, a business can bolster its current sales strategy. 

4. Perfecting the practice 
A strong sales leader emphasizes the importance of practicing a sales strategy well. In referencing the book "Practice Perfect" by Doug Lemov, Forbes noted a sales rep can enhance the strategy by doing something well and improving the amount of learning that takes place. 

"A business with strong leaders can help bolster its sales strategy."

5. Find strong leaders 
A business with strong leaders can help bolster its sales strategy. Strong leaders must correct any mistakes made during the sales process by various employees and offer both positive and negative feedback to sales reps. Sales performance management software allows individuals to track sales effectiveness and progress toward meeting quotas. It can help record key performance indicators and shape feedback for employees.

Forbes noted that the most successful sales leaders deliver evaluations that do not simply report the results, but also can identify whether progress has been made. A sales leader should ensure an employee is aware of issues that may impact his or her performance as well as ways to improve in the future. 

As the class of 2015 graduates this spring, many businesses are reaching out to prospective hires at college campuses and through social media, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. By recruiting those who are newly entering the workforce, a business can tap into tomorrow's leaders. 

6. Hire better sales reps 
While providing employees with access to sales productivity progress tracking and incentives to encourage a boost in total sales can help improve sales productivity, Inc. magazine emphasized the importance of hiring strong candidates to serve a role on a sales team. 

A business should consider asking customers what they prefer to see when someone is selling them a product. This information can be beneficial when evaluating the qualities, process and philosophy of various candidates. 

"Improving sales productivity bolsters a business substantially."

7. Provide reasonable incentives 
Inc. magazine also indicated a business should provide strong employees with ample compensation. Especially when hiring individuals, it is crucial for an organization to clearly inform employees what the incentive compensation plan entails. 

Employee satisfaction helps motivate and encourage sales reps to meet goals and measurable benchmarks. The Society for Human Resource Management showed in a recent study that engagement was one of the top motivators among participating employees. Incorporating more awards and positive feedback into the work environment has the potential to help increase sales productivity. 

Additionally, compensation is another incentive that can be effective to encourage sales reps to meet and exceed sales goals. 

Improving sales productivity bolsters a business substantially. By developing a strong strategy for all employees, an organization can experience notable growth in sales performance. 

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