Build a Business Case for “Pay for Performance”

Join us for a webinar that will change your perspective and help you build a case for pay-for-performance solutions. By definition, incentive compensation payouts are based on the achievement of a predetermined set of objectives. “Pay for performance” is also an excellent tool to attract and retain the best talent, align employees’ actions with the interests of the company, and give employees a stake in the company’s success. How do you build a business case for pay for performance? You need to outline the intangible benefits and the time and cost reduction to your organization. Join us to learn how a pay-for-performance model will help you and your executive team to:

  • Reduce time and money spent conducting and tracking performance reviews
  • Gain insight into top talent and low performers
  • Improve individual performance by providing development opportunities
  • Create a results-focused culture by linking performance with compensation
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