Optimize Sales Strategies, Reduce Risk with Robust Plan Modeling and Forecasting

Anticipate how compensation plan changes will impact financial results and motivation of your sales team. Common scenarios requiring robust modeling and forecasting tools may include:

  • The CFO wants to know projected cost of the proposed plans, and how margin will be affected.
  • The VP of Sales wants to ensure that the plans motivate top performers to excel and incent sales development reps to generate high-quality opportunities.
  • The VP of Product has asked for incentives to focus sales on selling a key new product.
  • The executives want these answers for each of the plans, under multiple assumptions about sales volume, product mix, and regional variations.

Iconixx Sales™ compensation plan modeling lets you compare multiple plan components and scenarios to forecast compensation costs and design the most effective incentive plans for your organization.

  • Create plans in your modeling environment to achieve confidence in the actual outcomes.
  • Query a variety of hypothetical commission models based on potential orders and pipeline information from your CRM system.
  • Understand model outcomes from an overall business perspective and the view of individual members of the sales team.
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How You Benefit:

  • Optimize sales strategies and compensation investments
  • Reduce risks of unintended consequences or "disincentive effects"
  • Accurately forecast payout amounts - enables better budgeting
  • Models run fast with Iconixx's power, flexible processing engine
  • Understand likely impact of alternative plans on revenue and operating income
  • Quickly adapt to market changes or competitive actions
  • Model plans in a production environment to achieve confidence in the actual outcomes
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