AUSTIN, TX – (August 25, 2020) – Iconixx, a well-known provider of enterprise class, cloud-based software for sales and incentive compensation management is excited to announce solution enhancements to our Total Compensation Platform which encompasses Iconixx Sales, Iconixx Incentives and Iconixx Merit.

These enhancements deliver significant value to global organizations and companies with more complex compensation strategies allowing accelerated and accurate data-based decision making.

By adding new processing capabilities to the extensive enterprise library of calculation functions and expansive collection of AdHoc Reporting modules, our technology improves overall speed – even beyond the already industry-leading speed Iconixx offers. The ability to pivot quickly to meet new strategies can make all the difference in today’s environment.

This announcement highlights two key solution enhancements.

Reduce Processing Times by Up to 90%

First, the Iconixx enhanced intelligence-optimized multi-threading capability enables calculation of 10x transactions simultaneously. By leveraging smarter analysis of underlying datasets, this capability will further reduce processing times by up to 90%!  That means your team will have the ability to execute real-time with accurate data increasing productivity.

New Prediction and Pin Capability

Second, the Iconixx new prediction and pin capability empowers Admins with complete visibility to their most valuable data during processing and administration of compensation. This feature will further promote efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

“We’re excited about the recent product enhancements and what this capability brings to our partners in today’s dynamic environment.  These changes enrich our solutions with an even greater ability to make crucial data-driven decisions with the speed and degree of accuracy necessary to navigate for success.” stated Jimmy Gonzales, Chief Technology Officer & Vice President of Engineering,  “These product enhancements and roadmap continue to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to partnerships with our customers, ‘Making Your Life Better’, while delivering the proven best-in-class enterprise solution.”

About Iconixx

Iconixx provides enterprise-class, cloud-based software for sales performance management.  This unique technology enables organizations to increase sales productivity and improve overall profitability by automating, analyzing and optimizing commission and incentive processes with flexibility and ease.  Iconixx, founded in 1999, remains a private, profitable software company with a global customer footprint.

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