July 25, 2013 (Austin, Texas) – Iconixx, the industry thought leader and provider of incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions, announced today the availability of IconixxTM 5.4, the latest version of its flagship, all-in-one solution for effective and efficient management of incentive compensation across the workforce.

At Iconixx, we continue to refine and enhance our solution so companies can benefit from our deep understanding of the best practice approach to incentive compensation management,” said Bruce Jackson, COO, Iconixx. “We are very excited about Iconixx 5.4; our 3 modules provide users with a complete, all-in-one solution that is highly configurable and user-friendly.

Iconixx 5.4 is comprised of three modules:

Iconixx Sales™: An organic solution that makes it simple to design, build, and manage complex sales compensation plans.

Iconixx Incentive™: Complex bonus, discretionary, MBOs, and variable incentive plans are made simple and manageable.

Iconixx Merit™: Complex Salary, Merit, Promotion, and Increase Guides are easy to design, create and manage.

Incentive Compensation Management Enhancements

Building on the power of its prior version, Iconixx 5.4 offers considerable incentive compensation enhancements to help customers realize their full ICM potential.

  • Improved data integration provides usability enhancements to simplify integration with external systems as well as new user interfaces that support guided configuration.
  • An enhanced approval workflow allows users to be designated for interaction (edit, approve, reject, etc.) at any stage of the process.
  • Territory Management enhancements to support multi-level territories and customers with more than 500,000 assignments.

Iconixx offers a highly configurable and scalable solution with full functionality for enterprise, mid and small markets alike,” said Jackson. “This latest version of our Cloud-based solution takes these benefits to the next level with even more robust reporting, modeling and real-time insights.

The Iconixx Suite will empower companies to leverage their pay-for-performance programs to their best business advantage. Iconixx combines best practices for incentive compensation with features that can be configured to a customer’s unique operational requirements.

About Iconixx

Iconixx, a global pioneer in Incentive Compensation Management, delivers innovative solutions for companies of all sizes, across verticals and around the world. Drawing on its substantial tenure and vast knowledge capital in ICM best practices, Iconixx enhances efficiencies, improves visibility and drives workforce performance, across the organization. The Iconixx suite of solutions provides holistic support in a flexible manner to save money, eliminate errors and streamlines processes to drive business results and ensure client success. For more information about Iconixx visit www.iconixx.com.