November 3rd, 2014 (Austin, TX) – Iconixx, the premier cloud-based provider of Sales PerformanceIncentive Compensation, and Merit Increase Management solutions, has announced the promotion of Sathee Brent to the position of Vice President of Marketing. Mrs. Brent was first hired by Iconixx as the company’s Director of Marketing and Demand Generation in May 2013. In the time since her hiring, Mrs. Brent has overseen a period of rapid quarter over quarter growth for Iconixx in lead generation, sales and brand awareness.

“Our company understands the importance of working with industry veterans who have the combination of experience and expertise needed to drive growth,” said Derrik Deyhimi, Chairman and CEO of Iconixx. “Sathee has been very influential in driving the growth of our company since she was first hired, and we know that she will continue to help drive that growth in this new role. The knowledge and passion she will bring to the job is an important part of our plan to position ourselves as a disrupter in the marketplace.”

“I am proud to be a part of a visionary company like Iconixx, and even more proud of the fact that they’ve picked me to help oversee this period of unprecedented growth,” said Mrs. Brent. “I have complete confidence in the quality of our Cloud solution, and in the skill and knowledge of the colleagues I have around me. I know that we will accomplish great things together, and I’m very excited to take on this new responsibility.”

About Iconixx

Iconixx is a total solution provider for compensation management. The Iconixx product suite – Iconixx Sales, Iconixx Incentive and Iconixx Merit –makes the company a one-stop resource for sales, bonus and salary compensation solutions. Our cost-effective, Cloud-based solutions deliver incentives to the entire workforce for businesses of all sizes. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, Iconixx also partners with clients to accelerate their business growth through actionable intelligence. Whether it’s using Iconixx technology or leveraging a client’s current investment, Iconixx’s expertise can drive efficiencies for their compensation environment. For more information visit