(Austin, TX) – Iconixx, the industry thought leader and provider of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions, is excited to announce that Centre Technologies has adopted Iconixx technology to manage its sales incentive compensation for approximately 20 payees.

Established in 2005, Centre Technologies is the leading company in IT network support for mid-sized to enterprise-level businesses. While other IT consulting companies use the traditional “break and fix” approach, Centre has successfully delivered exceptional levels of service by forming true business partnerships with its clients.

Limited Functionality of the Legacy Solution

Centre Technologies reviewed its legacy system and recognized that the solution offered a limited ability to:

  • Configure incentive compensation plans
  • Introduce the desired 2014 sales incentive program
  • Meet the reporting needs of CEO and senior management team
  • Provide the Finance and HR department with the data visibility and reporting they need for financial planning

Moreover, Centre had to rely on the provider to make environmental or configuration changes.

Review Process

The limitations caused Centre Technologies to begin seeking a new provider for its sales incentive compensation system. As part of the review process, Centre Technologies evaluated the solutions offered by the key ICM providers in the market, including a functional upgrade from its current provider.

The process began with generic demonstrations of products, then a short list of companies were invited to further demonstrate their capabilities using Centre’s actual plans, data and reporting requirements. Centre’s representative for the demonstration including the VP Sales, VP Finance and the lead compensation analyst. A demonstration of two solutions was made for the Centre Technologies CEO to make the final selection.

Selecting Iconixx

Centre Technologies selected Iconixx as the provider that could provide the highest levels of flexibility, visibility and control. Specifically, Iconixx was selected for its ability to:

  • Manage the desired 2014 incentive compensation plans through configuration while retaining the ability to configure future incentive plans
  • Improve reporting to senior leadership and CEO
  • Enhance automation, process controls and audit trails
  • Improve data visibility including financial reporting, accruals and forecasting
  • Ensure flexibility and ability to integrate future participants onto existing plans

Throughout the selection process, Iconixx successfully demonstrate the value and benefits that automating the incentive compensation process would bring to Centre Technologies.

CONTACT: Sathee Brent, Director of Marketing, 512-651-0100, sbrent@iconixx.com

About Iconixx

Iconixx is a total solution provider for compensation management. The Iconixx product suite – Iconixx Sales, Iconixx Incentive and Iconixx Merit – makes the company a one-stop resource for sales, bonus and salary compensation solutions. Our cost-effective, Cloud-based solutions deliver incentives to the entire workforce for businesses of all sizes. Drawing on over 15 years of exepreince, Iconixx also partners with clients to accelerate their business growth through actionable intelligence. Whether it’s using Iconixx technology or leveraging a client’s current investment, Iconixx’s expertise can drive efficiencies for their compensation environment. For more information visit www.iconixx.com.

About Centre Technologies

Based in Houston, Texas, Cente Technologies is the leading IT company in network support for Mid-Sized to Enterprise-level businesses. Established in 2005, Centre brings an exceptional level of service by forming true business partnerships with their clients rather than traditional “break and fix” methodology of other IT consulting companies. Their certified technical engineers bring unmatched skills and decades of experience in evaluating, designing, implementing and maintaining technology infrastructure.