Iconixx for Quota Management

Empower Sales Performance

Iconixx enables companies to simplify quota planning processes with our sales performance management software. Quickly and easily use valuable insights to create accurate and attainable sales quotas that align with your business goals.

Quota Insights that Drive Achievement

Configurable total quota planning software that allows you to create and manage quotas using historical data.

  • Create top-up and top-down quotas for your unique organizational hierarchies
  • Dashboards provide real-time quota visibility for sales representatives and executives
  • Assign sales representatives to multiple quotas
  • Prorate sales goals to account for seasonal fluctuations in revenue
  • Performance modeling to view projected performance prior to sign-off and launch
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Workflow Designed for Your Quota Processes

Our quota workflows are designed around your company’s specific needs, providing a seamless process of approving quotas, commenting on proposed changes, and generating quota letters.

Quota Insights

Dashboards are curated for each customer to provide better quota visibility to sales teams and administrators.

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