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Your Sales Team, But Better with Sales Performance Management Software by Iconixx

Driving accuracy, speed and sales efficiency with Sales Performance Management (SPM) 

Easy to use Sales Performance Management Software

Iconixx is a comprehensive sales performance management software solution that helps sales teams and executives align their sales strategies with their long-term corporate objectives. Iconixx enables organizations to easily manage the entire sales cycle, including: 

  • Assigning Territories and Quotas
  • Onboarding New Sales Representatives
  • Developing Compensation Plans
  • Automating the Calculations of Incentives and Commissions
  • Analyzing and Communicating Key Performance Metrics

Iconixx is a serious improvement over manual or spreadsheet solutions. Iconixx offers speed, flexibility and visibility that dramatically increase the efficiency and ease of administering variable compensation programs while providing insights to identify and capture opportunities with their sales compensation software. 

Integrating Sales Performance Management Software with CRM

Iconixx is fully integrated with your CRM system. As such, Iconixx provides sales representatives with a seamless experience, providing immediate access to personalized compensation details, commission statements and up-to-date Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information, all within a single screen. Iconixx also offers improved analytics with their business performance management software.

Iconixx helps sales reps maximize their efficiency, allocating more time to serving clients and pursuing business opportunities by integrating SPM (Sales Performance Management) software with CRM using sales performance management tools.

Iconixx also offers improved analytics. By integrating Sales Performance Management with CRM, sales managers and executives can associate, analyze and compare the key metrics between sales performance and market opportunity. The single view on pre- and post-sales information allows businesses to accurately forecast future revenues and commission payouts. They can also use these insights to better oversee territories, optimize sales models and plan quotas, all driving towards the key corporate objectives. With Iconixx and Salesforce, sales organizations can effectively manage their costs and team performance. 

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Improving Sales Performance Management With a Comprehensive Role-Based Feature Set

For Sales Management

Eliminate Manual Calculations

An automated solution overcomes the struggle with spreadsheets and creates modular, reusable elements for customizable hierarchies, rules, quotes and other factors. Moreover, the solution minimizes the risk of errors that comes with manual processes. 

Plan Eligibility

Features streamline the process of defining and assigning new sales representatives to compensation programs as well as viewing, managing and modifying plans by components, weighting, tiers and payouts for existing representatives. 

Territory Management

Enables managers to assign territories to individuals by geography, industries, named accounts or other hierarchies. Also, the effective dating features help manage sales team changes such as changed models, revised territories or temporary assignments. 

Quote Planning

From top-down, bottom-up or hybrid approaches ensure that all sales teams are aligned to the overall company objectives. Iconixx also empowers a more flexible pay program by allowing managers to place employees under a number of compensation plans with varying pay periods. 

Sales Analytics

Enable managers to quickly and easily report on sales performance metrics such as sales by month, product or territory, down to in-depth analysis of team rankings or sales team productivity and effectiveness. Insight into plan performance, content results and individual development also provide critical intelligence in motivating and retaining top talent. 

Performance Appraisals

And MBOs allow managers to offer objective-based bonuses or compensation components to employees. Self-assessment worksheets or performance review documentation are delivered automatically to the appropriate parties through pre-defined workflows to facilitate top-down and bottom-up evaluations. 

For Sales Representatives

Plan Documentation

Is specific to each individual user. All compensation documents and communications are managed from a central repository, ensuring consistency and traceability. 

Personalized Commission Statements

Provides drill-down capabilities for granular insight into payout details for each transaction. These automated statements eliminate shadow accounting and maximize the team’s focus on sales goals. 

Inquiries and Disputes

Are fully automated through pre-configured workflows to streamline the resolution process. All communications and payout adjustments are tracked for compliance and accuracy. 


And other forecasting tools allow users to perform What If analysis on their sales opportunities to determine the optimal tactics and drive results. 

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