Automate, Simplify, and Streamline Incentive Compensation Plans for Peak Performance

Incentive Compensation

Boost performance and build employee loyalty with Iconixx Incentive™.

Iconixx Incentive™ makes it easy to efficiently and clearly create and manage even the most complex structures for discretionary pool bonuses, management-by-objective (MBO) rewards, and noncash payouts and promotions.

Automate and Demystify Even the Most Complex Bonus Structures

Iconixx Incentive™ can help anyone responsible for directing, planning, or managing any kind of bonus structure to:

  • Establish a culture that rewards performance
  • Increase accuracy of payouts
  • Get real-time visibility for employees and executives
  • Gain insights into the impact of compensation adjustments

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Immediately Eliminate Manual Calculations

Eliminate the need for manual calculations. Simplify complex bonus structures, discretionary, and variable incentive plans. The calculation creation process is easy and intuitive, applying modular, reusable elements.

Automate Bonus Approvals and Integrate Internal Workflow

Iconixx Incentive™ coordinates and captures the input of employees with customization, security, and ease of use. Automated bonus suggestions, range, and budget allocations can be approved or adjusted, seamlessly combined with other worksheets, and then moved to the next level (with an audit trail).

Access Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Generate automatically scheduled reports, create ad hoc reports, and drill down to analyze data for actionable insights.

Confidently Forecast and Answer "What If" Scenarios

Forecast compensation plans before you activate them by conducting "what if" analyses. View side-by-side comparisons of incentive plans and scenarios, and quickly forecast the outcomes for accrual and finance.

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Simplify incentive compensation management, create happy employees.

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