An Easier, Safer Path for Sales Performance Management

Regardless of your role in directing, planning, or managing sales performance and incentive compensation,  Iconixx automated solutions ensure that you can do your job efficiently and effectively — total data security, consistent accuracy, elimination of risk, and, of course, completely cloud-based.


As a sales leader, you want to build loyalty and drive success — to unleash the beast inside every true salesperson. With Iconixx, you will easily manage commission plans, ensure accurate payments, motivate desired behaviors, and build trust with automated, transparent sales performance management.

If you’re doing it manually, you’re doing it wrong. Stop the madness of the potential for errors wasting your valuable time. It only takes a small mistake to lose trust and cripple the performance of your most valuable assets.

Iconixx enables you to set your salespeople free to smash their goals. It sets you free to focus on core tasks — coach, recruit, analyze trends and outcomes, obtain those corporate sales objectives, and perform strategic planning.

Sales Operations

You’re the sales compensation expert. Why are you wasting time, risking errors, and being less effective by managing your compensation processes manually or with an in-house system? Iconixx Sales™ makes it easy to collect and analyze data and accurately plan commission payments. After Iconixx, you will drive greater sales performance and strategically target business goals. Imagine the possibilities.

With its powerful calculation engine, ad hoc reporting, and integration capabilities, Iconixx Sales™ empowers you to analyze sales compensation to drive performance. And it frees you to apply your time to add greater value and be a critical participant as your company reaches its corporate goals.

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You’re the finance executive, guiding and constantly assessing the company’s financial picture. Iconixx gives you the tools to align budgets with strategies, easily maintain GAAP compliance, and accurately and efficiently assess and report on performance and outcomes. 

Gain clear visibility and greater control over sales and incentive compensation. Minimize risk, maximize value, receive clear budgeting for accrual payments, and allocate time on business goals.

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HR and Compensation

The demands placed on HR and compensation leaders continue to evolve, becoming more strategic and more sophisticated. And, your actions affect employees at every stage of their career. Among the most important roles is determining how to structure incentive compensation to attract, motivate, and retain top performers.

Iconixx for incentive compensation eliminates the manual processes and guesswork, reduce errors, ensure compliance, and create great compensation experiences — for you and your employees. Our sales performance management and incentive compensation solutions ensure that you align resources with business goals via transparency and collaboration, across the organization.

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You lead the way for technology at your organization. It’s your job to track what’s changing and what matters in the world of technology to keep your company sharp, competitive, and safe from security lapses and data losses.

Iconixx cloud-based, automated sales performance management solutions give you the tools to do your job. Because it’s simply scalable, you can rest easy knowing that as your company grows, so will your sales performance and incentive systems. Because they’re designed for integration, you can guide transparency and collaboration among field representatives, business units, executives, and managers.

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Channel Manager/Partner

If you’re managing indirect sales channels, you need to do it all — from recruiting the next top seller to strategically planning for the next fiscal year. But if people don’t receive their commissions accurately and on time, nothing else matters. The job gets even more challenging as you become successful and your roster of partners expands, or your channel opportunities increase. Good for you!

Let Iconixx support your success.

Iconixx gives anyone responsible for managing and paying commissions to partners, channel representatives, or brokers an automated solution for designing, managing, and tracking payments. We make it easy to align channels with business goals, pinpoint and reward your leading partners, receive greater visibility into every corner of your channel or partner program, and achieve success for everyone in the game.

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