Enterprise-class, cloud-based software for sales performance management.

Iconixx enables organizations to increase sales productivity, and improve overall profitability by automating, analyzing and optimizing commission and incentive processes with flexiblity and ease.Schedule a demo

Proven Scalability | Limitless Flexibility

Our highly configurable and scalable, cloud-based solution allows for improved operational efficiencies delivering commission payout accuracy with multiple currencies, plan modeling and optimization, quota and territory management, dependable forecasting, advanced analytics, and regulatory compliance. Organizations are able to budget and plan more efficiently, increase sales productivity, improve overall profitability by automating, analyzing and optimizing commission and incentive processes with Iconixx.

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Our flexible, rules-based engine was designed to support complexity.


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More features & functionality than any other provider. Why pay more for less?

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Iconixx for Your Role

Whether you toil in sales or finance, human resources and compensation, IT, or channel partner management, the breadth and depth of the Iconixx SPM and incentive platform will change your game — and boost the value of your organization’s sales and incentive compensation plans.


Iconixx ensures sales leaders build loyalty and drive success through Sales Performance Management — easily manage commission plans, guarantee accurate payments, motivate desired behaviors, and build trust with automated, transparent calculations.

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Sales Operations

Iconixx makes complex sales operations efficient and accurate. Eliminate manual calculations and guesswork, and gain confident, defensible modeling and forecasting with analytics and insight.

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Iconixx gives finance leaders clear visibility and greater control over sales and incentive compensation. Minimize risk, maximize value, gain clear budgeting for accrual payments, and allocate time and business goals.

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HR and Compensation

Iconixx helps HR and compensation leaders set pay and incentive polices with confidence and efficiency. Support goal-driven performance with clear and accurate compensation incentive plans and payments.

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Iconixx serves technology leaders with our secure, scalable, and integration-optimized compensation platform that today’s rapidly changing enterprise IT ecosystems demand.

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Channel/Partner Manager

Iconixx delivers an automated, sales performance management solution to design, manage, and track commissions to your partners, channel representatives, and brokers.

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Iconixx for Your Industry

Regardless of your industry, vertical, or employee demographics, the flexibility of Iconixx ensures that customers leverage a sales performance management solution that exceeds every aspect of their unique needs.

Incentive Software

Organizations in different industries leveraging spreadsheets to manage compensation are inevitably producing errors and operating inefficiently. Compensation management solutions are developed to eradicate human error and automate the payout process, providing immediate, measurable business results.

Iconixx Sales

Iconixx automates sales compensation plans to create dependable commission experiences every time, eliminating sales downtime caused by trivial administration.

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Iconixx Incentives

Iconixx software delivers easy management of even the most complex bonus programs, discretionary award plans, MBOs, and other variable incentive programs.

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Iconixx Merit

Easily design, create, and manage the thorniest merit and salary increase processes that rely on workflow-driven approvals.

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