Use business analytics to manage talent

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Developing the perfect sales team can be a complex balancing act, but utilizing business analytics can make the task much more straightforward. The analysis process uncovers room for growth, but can also point salespeople in better directions to develop their skills and to benefit the company overall. Business analytics software takes raw data on department sales, product output and individual sales numbers and turns that data into something readable that VPs of sales can use to help manage their teams. Analytics will show just what products are selling the fastest and who is making them sell. From those results, VPs of sales can harness talented individuals to help bring in higher revenues. For example, if all but a few team members are struggling to sell a certain product, those high-achievers can then be asked to lead a training session to show their colleagues the sales techniques that work best for them. The same applies for company branches in different locations. Star employees can be identified from sales analytics, and can then be sent to lead training sessions at other branches, or can be put along a track to promotion. The business analytics process helps VPs of sales manage their teams, bringing in greater sales and higher revenues.

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