Yes, A Remote Workforce Can Include A Great Culture

By Peggy McKinney,

The Importance of Communication to Remote Working

Remote workers can be as productive and collaborative as if they’re working in an office environment.  It takes planning, some added tech and LOTS of communication.

Here are some key areas to consider when organizing your remote business:


Defining and communicating your company’s vision can make a HUGE difference in the results you see from employees and the bottom line.

  • Is your vision realistic?  Make sure it’s obtainable.
  • Will others buy in?  When employees are clear on the purpose of the company's existence, it helps them to balance priorities to meet company objectives.  You’re in it together.


Okay, you have a vision, now how do you implement?  Establishing core values for your company can be the sign posts that direct behavior not only for employees but for company strategy that leads you to achieve your goals.

  • Establish your values in a consistently clear, simple and direct manner. Make it a part of daily company life to instill the values you want your employees and your customers to experience every day.  #TogetherWeWin #StayConnected #CustomerSatisfaction 


Develop an open line of communication keeping employees aware of company issues and current developments. Provide feedback and recognition to keep your team engaged and motivated.

  • Build processes to make sure your team members stay in touch with each other and with managers. This helps to build morale and develop a sense of teamwork.
  • Evaluate employee goals to determine if change is needed. Having regular discussions leads to flexibility, meaning employees can move forward with a new objective. 


Build it.  Nurture it.  It takes just a few gestures to build trust, pride and an openness in your company. These are opportunities for management to connect with everyone on your staff at a personal level.  This type of motivation can keep your remote workers feeling engaged and satisfied.  Satisfied employees become assets that remain with the company.

  • Use Your Tools – Have a huddle meeting via Skype or Zoom or whatever tool you’re using (hats are mandatory).  Make it a routine get-together that provides opportunity to not only report on department activities but to share what’s going well or what challenge needs a brainstorming session.
  • Intra-Company Competition – This can be as simple as seeing who posts the funniest joke for the week to choosing a name for your new product.
  • Be social.  Celebrate when someone meets or exceeds a goal. Show recognition when someone goes beyond what’s expected. 
  • Organize a company-wide philanthropic initiative – Workers appreciate efforts by their employer to reach out and help others in need.  These gestures go far to build trust and pride in their company.

Foster teamwork, innovation and positive values in your remote workforce and you’re on the road to building a GREAT company culture.

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