AD HOC Reporting & Analysis

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Answer Critical Business Questions Quickly

Why is Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis Important?

Ad hoc reporting is critical to address data analysis needs not met by established, recurring reporting already in your operations process.

A customized business intelligence (BI) report can provide the ability to examine, explore and draw conclusions.  As our business environment evolves, ad hoc analysis can follow those constant changes allowing users to respond to issues and make business decisions faster.

Offer end-users what they need to see, understand and act upon.


  • Agile - Answer specific business challenges or questions by using data from various sources and create the report ON THE SPOT.
  • Versatile - Depending on the user's questions, your reports can be created from scratch or you can modify an existing version related to the same subject.
  • Flexible - Present data in a powerful and compelling visualization that users can easily navigate to inform.  For example, use funnel charts, drop-downs, or scatter plots.
  • Empower - Iconixx business intelligence makes it possible for even non-tech savvy users to create reports, plus you'll find a more advanced set of features for the experienced users.
  • Shareable - Your report must be easily shared to get the biggest bang for interaction with your team.  This provides the ability for efficient and fast decision-making.


  • Timing - If you can't deliver your report in real-time, what's the use?  Fast decision-making goes far in staying competitive.
  • Clarity - NO spreadsheets please!  Provide the user what they need for analysis and discovery with compelling design that informs immediately.
  • One-dimensional - Static reports can prevent the user from gaining detailed focus on the data thereby losing insights.  Provide access to underlying data expanding possibilities for further analysis.


Ad hoc reporting / analysis allows the user to answer questions not easily offered by static reports.  They are produced once, run by a user, target a specific question or set of questions, they are much more visually compelling, and are shared with a smaller audience.  This method of data analysis offers a wealth of value to businesses across industries.

Iconixx solutions offers ad hoc reporting capability . . . the power is in YOUR hands.

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